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Here’s what I know.

You’re busy. Like, stupid busy. You’ve got your work, your family, and your life to manage. You do OK financially, but you sure aren’t saving like you thought you would. And shouldn’t you have less debt by now? And like…a college fund started?

Sure, you’ve got a system for your money. You've got a few different bank accounts and credit cards to keep things separate, at least one budgeting, saving, or investing app on your phone, and probably an old Excel spreadsheet somewhere...except none of that actually helped you feel in control of your money, did it? 

You’ve definitely made some progress over the last few years. You’re not worried about getting the bills paid (at least not all the time), but you want to stop treading water. You’re sure there’s stuff you’re supposed to be doing, but who has time to deal with that stuff?

Ooh! I do! Pick me! Pick me!

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Here are a few ways we can work together:


DIY Type? Let's do a Power Hour (& a Half)

One of my absolute favorite ways to work with someone is with a Power Hour (and a half).  It’s a 90-minute meeting where I ask you a bunch of questions, you answer them, and then I tell you what to do. BAM. Doesn’t that sound refreshing? Like plugging in an address into your Maps app and it just like, tells you where to turn first, and then what happens, and then what you do after that. I can draw you that map (and then you drive. That's where the DIY comes in). 

And if after our Power Hour (and a half) you are like “cool…but what if there’s a detour?” – I’m all over that too. My ongoing support is super popular for a reason: there’s unlimited access directly to me via email, plus monthly 30-minute catch up sessions. This is a great way to make sure you stay on track and have a place to ask questions and handle things like a goddamn pro if something changes (which is practically guaranteed in this business we call life).

Price: $247 USD for Power Hour (and a half).

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I'm SO glad we connected! I truly have a relationship with money I didn't even know was possible. Thank you. Next month, we're going to celebrate our anniversary by staying overnight, by ourselves! at a local resort. Before working with you, I would have pulled out the credit card, *hoped* I had enough money to cover it, did it anyway, and then spent SO much energy *wondering* if I should have done it, before, during and after this "nice" thing I planned for us. Now, we're just going -- it's in the budget! And, the *experience* that brings me, and my whole family, is incredibly moving: I get to just be with my family and have fun, instead of being with my wondering about money. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You gave me tools, yes, but the impact you have had has given me my family. It's the most important thing. *happy tears* -Laurie J.


--Most Popular--

Want a little more help? Let's work on your Foundations

A Foundation Package gets you a customized money map, just like the one I talk about above in the Power Hour (and a half), PLUS then I'll hop in the passenger seat with you and give you turn-by-turn directions, real-time detour updates, and pleasant company as you get up and running the right way. No, you may not call me Tom Tom (that's extra).

This is perfect if you're more of a dreamer than a do-er (Hi! My name is Lynne and I'm a planning-but-not-doing addict). We'll hop on my private conference line and share screens so everything will be in real time and I'll be with you for every step.

What you'll get:

  • You + me = unlimited email support between our session 
  • Meetings every other week for 8 weeks 
  • Action-oriented homework between each session
  • BONUS: A one-year membership to You Need a Budget (YNAB), the budgeting and cash flow management tool that I use with clients and have been head over heels in love with for a decade. 

We'll meet initially to discuss whether we're a good fit for each other, (click here to book that free chat) and if we are, we'll schedule time to get you on my calendar, and I'll ask you to gather some information to use at our first meeting. 

Sessions look roughly like this - though they're customized per person or couple:

  1. Review your current financial situation, including pain points, expenses, cash flow, goals, and dreams.
  2. Set up a personalized budget and cash flow management tool  
  3. Review your homework (customized for your situation) and progress on goals; discuss your steps to leveling up your game and hitting more milestones
  4. Wrap up and create a plan for your ongoing success

Price: $597 USD. 

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Lynne is at once grounded in practical, technical advice on budgeting, with the warmest heart, which is the more important piece for those of us who feel a lot of shame or resignation about the state of our financial lives. -Katie G


Need to make sure you stay on track?

Accountability coaching is for you! 

Many people find that they're able to create a plan and start (whether on their own or with the help of someone like me), but staying on track gets tough. Life gets in the way. It's easy when you don't have someone in your corner to remind you of your goals, answer your questions, and hold you accountable to continued progress. 

Enter accountability coaching. These are regular, ongoing calls that help you keep up the good work. Examples of ways people use these calls: 

  • After finishing a Foundation Package to ensure it all sticks. 
  • To have a meeting on the calendar with a no-shame (but no-nonsense) coach to keep them financially fit
  • To get help with shifting priorities, or taking things to the next level when they reach their initial goals. 

Price: Customized for you (timing, duration) - let's chat about your needs.


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Want something different from what’s here, or are you just not sure what you need? Let’s chat


Oh yeah - I work 100% remotely, which means you don't need to be anywhere near me to get in on this goodness. 

BONUS: I can't see you cry! #kiddingnotkidding


PSST. Hey you, business owners

Are you looking at this and thinking “cool, but what about my business? That’s where the money mess really is!” OOH have I got you covered. In fact, I absolutely LOVE working with business owners to manage their cash flow confusion, cover their asses come tax-time, and make sure they’re spending enough on the things that matter (Paying yourself! Taxes! Insurance!) and just enough on everything else. Read on to learn more (or you can do one of the above):


Taking Care of Business

TCB is a monthly retainer program wherein my team handles allllll the bookkeeping for your service-based business, works directly with your tax preparer come January, PLUS I personally meet with you regularly to answer your questions about things like “am I doing OK?” and “can I afford X”?, and generally help you increase the consistency in your business finances and ease your worries. Includes unlimited direct email access to me and general feelings of peace and happiness. Your CPA will cry tears of joy when you start working with me, and so will your business-owner friend who you keep emailing with questions like “how exactly am I supposed to pay myself? And where am I supposed to put my receipts?”

Price: Starting at $300 USD/mo

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My finances were complicated and overwhelming to me. I have many transactions across multiple businesses. For a long time, I had no idea if I was in the black or red and my yearly tax situation was a total disaster. Lynne has magically been able to make sense of it all and been integral with figuring out how I'm doing financially with my business and personal finances. I am now able to accurately see my spending and income, and she has trained me to be more mindful in all areas of my business. I've been paying off my credit card debt and have started paying monthly taxes, so there are no surprises at the end of the year. - Michael Riscica,