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Feel like you’ve lost control of your money?

You're not alone. 

My name is Lynne, and I started The Wiser Miser because I believe in the power of budgeting. It pulled me out of financial trouble, and gave me the emotional strength to live confidently and sleep deeply. Putting my mind over my money was a bigger rush than anything I’ve ever bought. If it was up to me, those shopping montages in ‘80s movies would be replaced with a shot of the main character kicking back with a glass of wine, reading her bank statement and smiling.

Feel free to chat with me about your situation, take my five-day Mind Over Money Challenge, or check out the blog. Because all that time you spend worrying about money should be spent living your life.

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"holy $#*!...I am going to sleep like a baby tonight!"

Holy $#*!, Lynne! I am in shock about how awesome it feels to take my money stuff head on. There is no one else I would have felt comfortable doing this with. I feel like I am on the verge of taking control of this, making steps and sticking with it! Thank you so so so much. I am going to sleep like a baby tonight! -Kennedy B.