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Lynne Somerman has not always been good with money. She learned the hard way that ignoring the problem doesn't make it go away. She's been digging herself out of financial holes for a decade and as soon as she learned how good it feels to not stress about money all the time, she turned around and helped the woman behind her. 

She blogs about how to use practical steps like budgeting as a form of radical self-care to heal your relationship with money. She focused on long-term change and weaves in discussion of how subconscious personal values influence our behavior and how to use theories of habit change to get moving in the right direction, confidently. 

She lives in Portland, Maine with her spouse, daughter, snaggletoothed dog and chickens named after strong women. 

Lynne Somerman is the money maven behind The Wiser Miser, where she helps fiery, focused women heal their relationships with money through self-love and budgeting. Follow her blog to learn more about practical tips and tools, changing your habits around money for long-term success, and doing it all with confidence.


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