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do you work with businesses?

Sure do! I have a number of clients who are owners of service based businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. If you're a small business owner wondering if what I do could help you, let's chat! What I do for you is a little different than the packages I have listed on this site, but I'm happy to go over it in a free, no pressure discovery call with you. 

can you still help me if I have a variable income? 

In fact, the way I teach budgeting and money management is perfect for variable incomes - because we only deal with reality here, baby. No more "but my client is surely going to pay me soon, so I don't have to worry" and then the inevitable late payment throws off your whole game. Curious? 

What if I'm just broke?

Listen - I'm going to be honest with you. A budget cannot fix your financial situation if you simply don't have enough income. That said, it can certainly help you manage the resources you do have. I should also point out that tons of people come to me saying "I don't make enough money, I'm broke" and after we chat, they realize that they make enough money, they're just spending too much. Now that, my friend, is exactly what a budget is best for! 

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