Who is The Wiser Miser?

Who is The Wiser Miser, anyway? And who am I to tell you what you should be doing with your money? 

My favorite mug, because obviously. 

My favorite mug, because obviously. 

I can answer the first one pretty easily. I'm Lynne, and I'm a new mama, lover of high fives, social justice, jock jams, and not feeling shitty about yourself because of your money situation. I'm also a big time personal finance nerd. 

Like, HUGE nerd. #budgetsarethenewblack

I love to talk personal finance strategy, tips and tricks for saving money (ask me about your cell phone bill - if you're paying more than $50 a month you're getting ripped off), and how-tos. But my real jam is the good stuff, the deep stuff. We're talking emotional management, money mindset, and habit systems. (Not sure what that has to do with your money? Let's chat.)

So how did I come to be telling other people what to do with their money? 

In a nutshell (more here), I learned the hard way. I know how to help you because I was you.

I've experienced and gotten out of credit card debt, had shitty credit, fought with my partner about money all the time, and have dealt with the financial rollercoasters of home ownership and DIY wedding planning. I've got chronic medical issues, and I am a mom to a wee little baby. I finished school with six figures of student loans. I have tried all the things you're thinking of trying. I have dealt with the emotional junk that you're dealing with now (or are afraid you'll have to deal with). I've been working on this stuff for the last decade for myself, friends and family, and now in a more formal capacity for the last few years. 

As a result of all of that, I'm a no-shame money coach who's all about helping you figure out how to get where you need to go. I start with awareness - I believe you absolutely have to start by looking at the situation, knowing it inside and out, and dealing with the emotions that get dredged up, before you can make a plan. I believe that budgeting is a form of self-care. For some people that means we take a pulse on their financial situation, make some tweaks, put together a budget, and they're on their way. With some other people, we start by taking a deep breath and talking together about the emotions that come up when they look at their money tracker. Does teetering between "terror and avoidance" and "obsession and depression" sound familiar? It does for a lot of my clients. It certainly used to for me, too! So we start with that, and from there we sketch out a plan. I don't always know exactly what your journey will look like, but I do know where we start